11/29/18 SCC Neighborhood Meeting

You may view the full meeting notes here.

Highlights from the Meeting:

  1. The BIG highlight from this meeting is that the college will need to come up with a plan and pay for improvements to the 5/6 way intersection of Greenwood Ave N, Innis Arden Way, and 160th They will need to build out improvements by six years from occupancy of the student housing, which is six years from Fall 2019, so by 2025. Thank you Shoreline Community College!
  2. SCC will also need to pay for and construct sidewalk improvements from the main entrance along the north side of Innis Arden Way to Greenwood Avenue N, then along the east side of Greenwood Avenue N to 160thStreet, and along the north side of 160thdown to Dayton Avenue. They are currently working with the city to establish a design for the intersection improvements so they don’t repeat work.